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Gestão de canais

Conecte-se com todos os seus canais de vendas, incluindo e Airbnb, sem custo adicional. Não há comissões ou taxas de instalação.

* No Contract, No Payment Required.

Venda seus quartos de hotel em todos os lugares

Nosso gerente de canal mantém seu inventário de quartos em todo o seu conjunto de canais de vendas on-line. Novas reservas aparecem no seu calendário e os hóspedes que retornam são mesclados com os perfis existentes. Ajuste as taxas por canal e por temporada para melhorar o desempenho.

Gestão Integrada de Canal de Hotel

Gestão Integrada de Canal de Hotel

O gerenciador de canais está integrado em todas as partes do nosso pacote de aplicativos. Sempre que você criar uma nova reserva, reagendar ou cancelar, seu inventário será mantido atualizado automaticamente em todo o seu conjunto de canais de distribuição da OTA, incluindo o mecanismo de reservas.

Easy to Connect

Easy to Connect to Bellebnb Integrated Hotel Channel Manager

Our channel manager is easy to use. Just match your inventory and rates and click 'Publish'. You're now ready to receive reservations and coordinate rates across all your sales channels.

Advanced Rate Management

Hotel Rate Management Room & Hotel Pricing Specials

Create pricing specials to improve booking potential for the slow months and maximize revenue during the busy season. Pricing specials can be created per room or hotel-wide. Your inventory is automatically updated across your full set of premium OTAs through the channel manager.

Reservations Inbox

Hotel Reservation Room & Hotel Pricing Specials

New bookings show up in your inbox and include a complete history of where it was generated, who did the check-in, etc. You can move or reschedule by simply dragging and resizing in your booking calendar. The Front Desk Manager will notify you of any pricing difference from the original reservation.

Modern OTA Integrations

We integrate with all the major online travel agencies (OTAs), including, Ctrip and the Expedia network. We also offer all of the most popular niche channels, regional favorites, as well as vacation rental listings like Airbnb and Flipkey.

GDS Connectivity

In addition to all the modern OTAs, we also provide connectivity to the Global Distribution System (GDS). Sell your rooms across the global network of travel agents and corporate bookers responsible for $8B+ in yearly business and leisure travel via Amadeus, Sabre, and TravelPort (Galileo, Worldspan).

Amadeus GDS
Sabre GDS
TravelPort GDS

TripAdvisor Premium Partner

TripAdvisor Premium Partner

We are very proud to be a TripAdvisor Premium Partner. We provide a simple API level connection to TripAdvisor. Just enter your TripConnect Partner ID, then select what rooms and rates to publish, and that’s it! Your rooms and rates, and meta content are kept up to date automatically.

Embeddable Booking Engine

Take your booking engine with you wherever you want to generate business for your hotel. You can take bookings directly from your hotel’s Facebook page, WordPress site, or any other HTML Website. Match your booking engine to your brand and use it wherever you need it. Reservations generated through your booking engine are always commission free, regardless of where your bookings are generated.

Facebook Premium Partner
HTML5 Premium Partner
Wordpress Premium Partner

Google Hotel Ads

Google Hotel Ads Premium Partner

Set a budget and bid for users searching hotels in your area. Guests can book rooms with you directly from their Google search results. You only pay for activity generated, and your guests will book directly through your booking engine, which means you get to keep the transaction and the client, with no OTA in the middle.

Our current list of available channels

We offer the entire range of popular sales channels, with new ones added on a regular basis. We don't charge any additional fees for bookings generated through third party sales channels. Channel connections are only available to users with a paid subscription plan.

We Provide End-to-end Hotel Management

We provide a complete hotel management solution through a smart, flexible PMS, distribution channel manager, commission-free booking engine, secure payment gateway, and a cloud concierge service. Manage your hotel with a single, all-in-one application suite.

Accept bookings from any device in real time.

Accept bookings from any device in real time.

Manage your hotel operations in the cloud.

Manage your hotel operations in the cloud.

We're here to help 24/7 via phone, email & IM.

We're here to help 24/7 via phone, email & IM.

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