Welcome to our blog!

Below you will find an index of our blog posts in chronological order. The topics cover new and existing features of our hotel management software, as well as tips for getting the most out of our platform. These articles double as a user manual and FAQ. If there’s anything you would like to see included, send your request to our staff.

Blog posts

  1. New Interface
  2. Group Hotel Management
  3. Payment Processing
  4. Picking a Color Scheme
  5. HotelRunner Integration
  6. Setup Your Channel Connections
  7. Introducing: Night Shift
  8. Markdown HTML Now Available
  9. The Booking Button
  10. Booking Engine Style Updates
  11. MyAllocator Integration
  12. Payment Gateways Part I: Concepts
  13. Payment Gateways Part II: Stripe
  14. Payment Gateways Part III: PayPal
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